Krua Kuhn Pon & Coffee Pitini-Nakorn Ratchisma (Korat), Thailand

A beautifully designed coffee shop/restaurant with a clean & comfortable environment.

Front View of Krua Kuhn Pon and Coffee Pitini.
n 2003 Paul and Jureerut (Pla) Pitini opened their first specialty coffee shop, Caffe Pitini, in Pattaya Thailand.
Their vision of creating a shop that offered the customer an outstanding espresso based drink and great food at a reasonable price had come true.

Within weeks after opening the shop it became a huge success. The shop design was unique, clean and very comfortable. The tourists and ex-pats that frequent the area on Soi Buakow in Pattaya soon filled the shop on a daily basis.

Great Food and Drink
Paul & Pla also have a home in Nakorn Ratchisma (Korat) and determined that the same shop concept that was used in Pattaya would also work in Korat. The vision they had in Pattaya was now one that they had for Korat.

After 5 months of construction the new COFFEE PITINI & Krua Kuhn Pon was completed and they opened their second specialty coffee shop and restaurant in Korat on April 22, 2010.

“People should be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee and good food in a beautiful and comfortable environment without paying exorbitant prices”, says Paul & Pla.

Coffee Pitini offers a wide variety of hot and cold specialty coffee drinks along with a large variety of popular Thai dishes and a selection of Western food items.
Inside Coffee Pitini

The difference between their Pattaya shop and the Korat restaurant is the customer base. In Pattaya 95% of their customers were Westerners and in Korat the exact opposite, 95% Thai.

The initial concern they had was that what is popular with Westerners in Pattaya may not be with the Thai people in Korat. The Thai menu was expanded and is prepared to satisfy Thai’s. The Western food items were reduced and a small selection that both Thai’s and Westerners enjoy is now offered.

This change to their menu has worked and their shop is becoming very popular with both Thai’s and Westerners.

Since Coffee Pitini is located 1 km from Suranaree Technical University Paul & Pla have developed a strategy that will entice the students to become repeat customers. That strategy is to offer many menu items that will fit the budgets of students. One of the items that fits into this strategy is homemade Pizza.

Covered Outdoor Dining Area
The strategy has worked and now, not only do students come, but men, women and children of all ages from Korat are enjoying the Pizza and many reasonably priced coffee drinks and other food items offered on the menu.

The challenge the shop will have in the future is the same many businesses face, and that is to keep their product offering fresh, exciting and of consistent quality To do this, the plan is to introduce monthly specials and to keep the popular specials as regular menu items. By rotating fresh new products with older items the Pitini’s hope to build a solid repeat customer base. A daily quality check is performed by Pla to insure that the customers receive the same level of excellence with each visit they make.

Coffee has always been a passion for Paul and Pla and it is the foundation for the success of their restaurants. Their goal is to continue to introduce the Thai people in Korat to new and exciting coffee drinks. The Pitini’s believe, their customers will spread the word about their great coffee and that Coffee Pitini has very reasonable prices.
Owner/Manager: Jureerut Pitini

Paul is a retired American businessman with many years of experience operating successful businesses in America. Over the past 10 years he has taught Pla the do’s and don’ts of running a successful business. Pla handles all of the daily responsibilities of running the restaurant and Paul enjoys the benefits of being retired. “Life is good and your coffee and food should be too” says Paul with a smile.